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Light Warehouse Rack R860 (with sectional leg)

Drawing No. Name Net price
R860A001100 LIGHT WAREHOUSE RACK RD 160x80x40 / 4 shelves 110,40 zł
R860A001400 LIGHT WAREHOUSE RACK RD 200x100x50 / 5 shelves 172,60 zł
R860A001510 LIGHT WAREHOUSE RACK RD 240x100x40 / 6 shelves 180,40 zł
R860A001600 LIGHT WAREHOUSE RACK RD 240x120x50 reinforced/ 6 shelves 235,50 zł

Rack manufacture:

Lacquered legs acc. to RAL5002 (ultramarine), shelves lacquered acc. to RAL9016 (white).

Allowable load:

  • Load per shelf – 80 kg*
  • Load per rack H160 cm – 260 kg*
  • Load per rack H200 cm – 280 kg*
  • Load per rack H240 cm – 280 kg*

* Given values are valid at uniform distribution of the load on the whole surface of the shelf.

One should add 23% VAT to the net price.


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